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NDS' Surfaces turns your wall into a TV, or a TV into a wall... one of those two


Remember the wall that was also a television in Total Recall? That's the inspiration behind Surfaces -- a concept device produced by British cable mavens NDS. Abandoning the idea of a single screen, the company mounted six displays into a wall that offers up TV and internet content when on, and blends into your wallpaper when off. The setup will even control your room's lighting for those particularly emotive X Factor performances and you control the whole thing with your iPad (while tweeting, bitchily about the show). However, before you storm the company's Staines headquarters looking to buy one, there are a few obstacles you should know about. Firstly, this amazing setup cost over $30,000 and secondly, it only really works if you've got plenty of content filmed in 4K -- but don't worry, Peter Jackson's working on it.

[Image Credit: Jon Snyder / Wired]

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