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CyanogenMod 9 add-on gives your Galaxy Nexus a glass slipper, it will go to the GS III ball


If the arrival of the GS III has placed a dent in your "latest Galaxy" street-cred, help is at hand. Once again it's the fine folk at XDA-Developers who come up with the goods, in the form of a CM9 add-on pack for the apparently passé Galaxy Nexus. Included in the bundle are all the leaked goodies from Samsung's latest flagship so far (including a working S Voice), as well as a TouchWiz launcher for added authenticity, plus a few other treats for good measure. While designed for CM9, it's believed it may also work with other, similar ROMs. It's available just in time for the real-deal release, so no one (well those with a very untrained eye, at least) need ever know your dirty little secret.

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