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Engadget HD Podcast 311 - 08.17.2012

Trent Wolbe

After a slight... week long delay we finally have your new episode of the Engadget HD Podcast. If you've been waiting for a Fantasy Football update, existing league members should have invites in their inboxes and our pick-em will launch soon. In actual HD news however, DirecTV has finally experienced a loss of customers, perhaps the cable companies can help it deal with the disappointment. For the remaining subscribers however, the iPad app has some updates, while Cablevision is delivering channels to the Kindle Fire. We also take a peek at Verizon's FiOS Companion tablet and wonder if your TV provider should be in the tablet business, as well as recap the last few weeks of Olympics madness.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh (@bjdraw), Richard Lawler (@rjcc)

Producer: Trent Wolbe

00:13:40 - DirecTV waves goodbye to 52,000 subscribers in first ever net loss of customers
00:13:55 - Time Warner Cable lost 169,000 subscribers, spares DirecTV's blushes
00:17:38 - Aereo unveils free trial and new prices for its NYC-based internet TV service
00:20:17 - Live streams come to Cablevision's Optimum App for the Kindle Fire
00:23:57 - DirecTV quietly updates iPad app, HR34 DVR
00:25:25 - Verizon survey reveals FiOS Companion Android tablet, aka the Motorola Corvair
00:31:34 - AOL HD connected TV app is now AOL On for Samsung, Roku and Sony; TiVo coming soon
00:32:48 - 'Just for Kids' now available on the Xbox 360: Go, Netflix, Go!
00:39:35 - SlingPlayer survey hints at possible expansion to game consoles
00:43:00 - WatchESPN Android app update finally brings access for Comcast subscribers
00:49:22 - Red claims Dragon is 'single most significant sensor in the history of image capture'
00:51:28 - Peter Jackson's 48 fps version of The Hobbit said to be a 'limited release' only
00:53:52 - TiVo Premiere 4 confirmed early, promises a 4-tuner DVR for the masses
00:58:04 - Sony's Nasne TV tuner finally set to go on sale later this month in Japan
01:00:40 - Must See HDTV (August 13th - 19th)

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