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RIM busts Mr. Blurrycam, patents tech to 'prevent inconspicuous use of cameras'

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|01.01.13

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RIM busts Mr. Blurrycam, patents tech to 'prevent inconspicuous use of cameras'

RIM's own smartphones have been the target of many a "Mr. Blurrycam" snap, but a new feature could put an end to "inconspicuous" shooting, according to a patent issued today. The tool would be in line with the company's mission to protect corporations from security vulnerabilities, which include not only unauthorized access to data, but also leaks from employees. According to the patent, "the camera restriction prevents a user from taking a picture of a subject if the device has not been steadily focused on the subject in question for a predetermined period of time." Just how long you need to keep your BlackBerry still could be dictated by individual IT departments, which would also have the power to flip the switch and push restrictions to an employee's device. While such a delay would certainly be an inconvenience for frequent shooters, it is a step forward from RIM's traditional strategy of shipping models without cameras altogether. We haven't seen any indication that such a technology will be implemented with future models, but thanks to the minds at RIM, patent junkies can get their fix now at the source link below.

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