Macworld shows parents how to limit iOS time for kids

If you find your youngsters are spending a bit too much time on a WiFi-capable iOS device, Macworld might have the solution. In response to a reader searching for a way to curb his childrens' Apple habit, Macworld's Christopher Breen proposes a rather elegant remedy using WiFi access timers in AirPort.

By setting up time windows in which the devices can connect to AirPort, access to the internet is restricted accordingly. It's certainly easier than physically collecting the offending iPod or iPad, and while the restriction might not be met with cheers, it seems preferable to most other options.

Of course, if your offspring have an Angry Birds addiction, limiting their online time probably won't do much to help. But if social networking is their drug of choice, the system should work well. You can read more on just how to set up the wireless access windows on Macworld.

[Via: The Loop]