Jukebox Heroes: Eleven MMO soundtracks you can get for free

Jukebox Heroes Eleven MMO soundtracks you can get for free

Collecting MMO soundtracks is a scattered, scavenger-like experience. Releasing video game soundtracks isn't exactly high up on studio and publisher to-do lists (although we're seeing more love from digital stores), so whether or not a title will get a music release is really a crapshoot. What does get released is never in the same place twice: Some game soundtracks are released as special editions only, some only as CDs, some as full MP3 album releases, some directly from the composer, some are buried on websites, and so on.

So I'm constantly looking everywhere trying to beef up my MMO soundtrack library, and as a result I've uncovered several scores that the studios are giving away for free. I'm all over free (legal) music, especially when it's in my area of interest!

If you've been looking to start an MMO soundtrack collection or are looking to add to what you have, I've put together a list of 11 MMO scores that you can get today free of charge. Sound good? It does to me!

Jukebox Heroes Eleven MMO soundtracks you can get for free

1. Anarchy Online

We touched on Anarchy Online's synth-ambient soundtrack a few weeks ago, and I'm still adamant in my stance that it's a score worth having. Happily, Funcom has made two of the game's soundtracks available on its FTP server: Volume 2 and Shadowlands. While it's not a complete soundtrack, there's a ton of music there to sift through, including my favorite, the battle tracks.

2. EVE Online

One day we'll get around to talking about this unique space soundtrack, but that doesn't mean you need to wait to scoop up 28 of the game's tracks from the official site. There is also a set of ringtones if you're looking for that sort of thing.

It just impresses me when a studio makes a priority to feature its MMO score on the official site like that. I've always thought that the music is just as important to promote as the videos and screenshots.

3. RuneScape

This was a huge find when I stumbled across it a month or so ago. Jagex goes above and beyond in providing a treasure trove of music organized into several "albums." It's good stuff too, and there are also remixes and shanties (shanties, people!) if you can't get enough of this.

Jukebox Heroes Eleven MMO soundtracks you can get for free

4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Just two weeks ago we were talking about SWTOR's score and how the studio released it in two parts. While the first half is unfortunately limited to collector's edition holders, that shouldn't stop you from downloading the second half of this game's incredible soundtrack for free.

5. PlaneShift

Unless you're familiar with this title through our Rise and Shiny column, you may be squinting at the screen and going, "Plane what now?" All you really need know is that, yes, this is an MMO, and yes, the studio released the entire soundtrack free and clear as a download. Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to it, am I right?

6. Glitch

Glitch's closure last year has put the future of the game's website in jeopardy, so it behooves you to scuttle over there and vacuum up all of the great free music that the studio released. After all, if you can't play the game nowadays, hearing the music may be the next best thing.

Jukebox Heroes Eleven MMO soundtracks you can get for free

7. Ryzom

It's not fancy, but Ryzom's music page has 28 sound files lined up all in a row for your downloading pleasure. I've listened through it all, and there are a couple of tracks that definitely made it worthwhile.

8. Dungeons and Dragons Online

Turbine really did a smashing favor for music fans by making a huge swath of DDO's soundtrack available for nothing. The site's music page has two albums totalling a whopping 39 music tracks. Very good music, too, especially if you're familiar with the game's world.

9. Atlantica Online

The last few offerings on this list won't give you as many tracks as some of the previous items will, but you know what they say about making up quantity with quality! Atlantica Online hands out 15 tracks of the game's score, and that's 15 more tracks than most games give away.

10. Global Agenda

Only seven tracks for you here
, but they contain one of my favorite MMO holiday songs: the Christmas music from the game. Considering that this title is going through a bit of a restructuring and all that, I wouldn't consider this music page to be there for the indefinite future.

11. Ultima X Odyssey

Last week a fan forwarded me a link to EA's FTP server, where several Ultima X Odyssey files still lurk, including a quartet of MP3s. Considering that we never got to see this unreleased MMO, it's pretty dang cool to listen to a bit of its music.

That's by no means everything I've found out there that's free and legal to download, but it's a pretty good start, wouldn't you say? What MMO music offerings have you found in your own journeys? Sound off in the comments section to share your discoveries!

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