Soul Sacrifice being given up to NA April 30, EU May 1

Soul Sacrifice given up to NA April 30, EU May 1

Keiji Inafune's Comcept is relinquishing Vita action-RPG Soul Sacrifice to North America on April 30, and to Europe the day after on May 1. It'll be in both stores and on PSN on its day of release. The game received its Japanese release date of March 7 last month.

Both regions get the same pre-order bonuses, such as the two character costumes and three magical aids for battle. Those aids are the Spirits' Flamepike, which spears a fiery five-hit combo attack, the Spirits' Blightstone, which stirs up a poisonous explosion, and Spirits' Fulgurwood, which can both track enemies and cast a thunder spell.

The most curious bonus is that of Japanese voice-overs. It's always great to have the option, but tying it to pre-orders is certainly unusual. If you're not gonna sacrifice your dosh for the pre-order, take note that the voice-over pack will be sold separately. %Gallery-177521%