Commander Keen designer crowdfunds a sequel of sorts, lets us make our own (video)

PC gamers of a certain age will have very fond memories of the Commander Keen series -- usually trying to pogo toward a hard-to-reach gem or frantically escaping a Dopefish. Key creator Tom Hall and his startup Pieces of Fun may be playing our heartstrings like a fiddle, then, by launching a crowdfunding drive for the Keen series' spiritual successor, Secret Spaceship Club. Along with reintroducing the core sci-fi platform hopping we know so well, the game will include its own editor to let players build their own masterpieces. Newcomers just wanting to whip up a quick map should get a simple mode with easy drawing and visual, cause-and-effect scripting; those with some coding chops will have access to an advanced mode that lets them customize the scripting for objects, cutscenes and even the win conditions. We'll have the option to publish maps for the world to see, and the results should be playable on a swath of platforms that include Android tablets, iPads, Macs and PCs running either Ubuntu Linux or Windows.

It's an ambitious plan, and Hall's development house would like to raise $400,000 by March 1st to make Secret Spaceship Club a reality by February 2014. There's perks for jumping in early, however, such as becoming an in-game character. Anyone who's still trying to learn whether or not aliens ate their babysitter will want to at least swing by the source link.