Fleksy predictive keyboard is free for iOS now and forever

Nicole Lee
N. Lee|02.16.13

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Fleksy predictive keyboard is free for iOS now and forever

We've long been fans of Syntellia's Fleksy for its astonishingly accurate predictive touch keyboard, and were excited to see an Android version finally come out to play at CES 2013. Well now there's news that'll please fans on the iOS side: the company has announced the full version of the app, formerly $4.99, is now available for the unbeatable price of free. This isn't just a special weekend offer either; CEO Kostas Eleftheriou told us in an email that it'll be free forever. Eleftheriou said that this is in the interest of a "more open keyboard space, so that more innovations can happen in the area," but also as a service to the blind community, which was Fleksy's original target audience.

Interestingly, the updated app even includes a direct button to email Apple's CEO Tim Cook so that users can advocate for a more native OS-level integration of Fleksy. It's an audacious goal, but as Eleftheriou stated in the blog post, it's also one that many users have demanded. While we're not sure if such a grass roots campaign will work with Cook and co., you can certainly download the new fully gratis version of Fleksy at the App Store source to give it a go yourself.

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