Finnish composer Pulkkinen working on 'unannounced PS4 game'

Housemarque freelance composer Ari Pulkkinen working on 'unannounced PS4 game'

Composer Ari Pulkkinen, known for his work with Finnish developers Housemarque, Rovio and Frozenbyte, is providing the soundtrack and sound design for an "unannounced PS4 game," according to his LinkedIn profile. Under his 'Experience' tab, Pulkkinen says he's also providing soundtracks for an iPad game and PSN game, both also unannounced.

While Pulkkinen's experience is diverse - he's composed soundtracks for several entries in the Angry Birds and Trine series - the majority of his PlayStation-based work has been for Housemarque. Pulkkinen provided the soundtracks for Super Stardust HD, Outland, Dead Nation, and Super Stardust Delta.

Earlier this month, Housemarque responded to a leak of concept art that included Dead Nation 2, as well as tie-ins to Superman and Walking Dead games. In an official statement, the studio said, "As for the artworks on display, they belong to a discarded batch and are not representative of projects we might or might not be working on."

Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen then elaborated, "Playing around with concepts and settings is standard practice among most developers, and as veterans of the industry will be able to confirm, by the end of the process only a few of them turn into real products."

However, Kuittinen went on to say that "no Housemarque title has been cancelled in years," and that the studio has been "silently working on three unannounced projects" since the beginning of last year.

It's tricky to tie all these threads together, but given
Pulkkinen's near-exclusive experience with Finnish developers, it seems likely all three of his projects in progress are for studios he's worked with before. Beyond that it's very speculative, although it's certainly possible his PSN project is Dead Nation 2. In terms of his PS4 project, another outside bet is Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment. While he's not provided original soundtracks for the Finnish studio, Pulkkinen has worked with Remedy before. In addition, Remedy stated last year it's working on a "next-generation project." Again, it's highly speculative, but with Sony expected to reveal the PS3's successor later this week, we could learn more about Pulkkinen's next-gen project in the very near future.