Apple's reality distortion field has assumed Wall Street

Despite robust profits, strong revenue growth and excellent brand awareness, reports predicting the downfall of Apple continue to make headlines. This paradox has many people shaking their heads, but analyst Ben Bajarin has a theory as to why Apple is slipping on Wall Street, even though it remains a market leader.

Bajarin, writing for Time, argues that Apple's much-talked-about Reality Distortion field is alive and kicking and has taken up residence at Wall Street.

Apple is the most profitable company, can't make enough products to meet demand and is the most admired by its peers. Yet Wall Street and media fanatics are claiming Apple is doomed. The reality distortion field is in full effect.

Apple, Bajarin argues, is in a better position than its competitors and will continue to thrive. You can read his full analysis and rosy predictions for Apple in his post on Time's Big Picture opinion column.