Microsoft reiterates that Windows 8 could see small(er) devices soon

What's an outgoing Microsoft executive to do on his last earnings call as CFO? Utter something that'd probably get the incoming CFO fired. Kidding aside, the outfit's own Peter Klein saw fit to reiterate something we'd heard back in March -- that Windows 8 is destined for smaller devices. To date, there isn't a Windows 8-based slate on the market south of 10-inches, but as Apple, ASUS, Google and Samsung have found, people tend to like tablets that can be held with a single hand. Of course, the "coming soon" angle definitely adds a time stamp (albeit a vague one) that we didn't have before, but we're still no closer to figuring out what kinds of devices we're to expect. A diminutive tablet? A smartwatch? A phone?

Earlier this week, Terry Myerson -- corporate vice president of Microsoft's Windows Phone division -- admitted that the wearables space was undoubtedly an exciting one, though he wouldn't go so far as to affirm that any of the code he oversaw was being tested on the arm. Of course, rumors have been running wild since Windows Phone's introduction that Microsoft would eventually push WP aside in favor of just using Windows on everything, so we suppose that's another (far out) possibility. Wild imaginations are advised to contribute their best guesses in comments below. (But seriously, keep it sane. Thanks.)