Mike Doughty's musical 10th birthday gift to iTunes Music Store

Mike Doughty, a singer/songwriter (formerly of Soul Coughing) and now an indie artist, was asked by Yahoo Music to write a song celebrating 10 years of the iTunes Music Store.

Not content to put yet another spin on the standard birthday song, this became an ode to drunken iTunes purchases (I believe "drunken iTunes binge" is a cousin of the "eBay blackout").

It's a catchy number, and will certainly be stuck in your head after watching the video. Mike also gets bonus points for using Cassingle™ as though it is still an actual word. It's a self-shot video, mostly likely from a built-in iSight camera (I am guessing -- at the end of the video you can hear the "Submarine" system beep pretty clearly before he stops recording, but it could be a third-party webcam instead).

Oddly, this song is not yet available on iTunes, or anyplace else that I can find. In the meantime, the video is below, and fun to watch (or just let it play in a background tab as you tap your toe).