EA announces EA Sports Ignite, a next-generation game engine

Thought Frostbite 3 was EA's only big next-gen games engine? Think again: the publisher just announced EA Sports Ignite at Xbox One's reveal event, a new game engine designed specifically for high-end sports titles. "EA Sports Ignite is designed specifically to help us blur the line between the real and the virtual," Andrew Wilson said as he took the stage, listing off a quartet of new games powered by the engine: FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Live and UFC. Wilson says the engine will allow EA developers to soak its next-gen sports titles in an unprecedented amount of detail, promising to hurdle the animation limitations of current sports games by a factor of 10. The engine's computational claims are even more impressive, offering as much as "four times more calculations per second," according to Wilson, who says it will allow EA to create "human-like intelligence." I guess developers are sick of bad computer AI too.

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