Zynga layoffs impact OMGPOP, studio reportedly closed

Following Zynga's massive layoffs, it's emerged the company may have shuttered Draw Something studio OMGPOP. As SiliconBeat spotted, the studio noted via Twitter yesterday "was the last day at Zynga for many OMGPOP staff," and former VP of Outreach Ali Nicolas tweeted she'd been laid off and that the "OMGPOP office is closed." Meanwhile, former Senior Community Manager Joseph Alminawi said he and "most of the studio" were laid off, perhaps indicating some staffers were relocated.

Zynga confirmed yesterday it's laying off 18 percent of its staff. The announcement came shortly after a report by AllThingsD noting closures at Zynga's Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York offices. OMGPOP, based in New York, looks to be one of the studios referred to.

Today's news comes just over a year after Zynga acquired OMGPOP for a reported $200 million, and only a month or so after Draw Something 2 was released. Former OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter left Zynga back in April. As for Zynga itself, 2013 had already brought high-level departures, studio closures, and significant losses.

We've reached out to Zynga for confirmation of studio closures.