Apple files trademark for newly designed FaceTime logo


Patently Apple is reporting that Apple last week filed for a new trademark covering their newly designed FaceTime logo.

Today, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's latest trademark filing for their redesigned "FaceTime" logo. Apple originally filed for the new design earlier in the week. Due to Apple's redesigned iOS 7 UI going flat, many icons will have to be updated with the US Patent and Trademark Office in the coming months.

Apple's newly designed icons in iOS 7 have come under a lot of fire, though critics of the new design were given a glimmer of hope when a report from The Next Web relayed that the icon designs in iOS 7 remain works in progress.

Of the various aspects of iOS 7, the design of its icons and other visual cues are the most in flux at the moment. There are still refinements and conversations going on around them. I don't know, but would expect there to be a lot of fixes for the inconsistency we're seeing in things like gradients and design language on the home screen.

The new FaceTime icon isn't the worst offender of the bunch (that might go to the new Notes app), but folks who aren't feeling the new FaceTime icon will have to get used to it. The trademark application for the icon make specific mention of the colors light green, dark green and white.

Hopefully similar trademark applications for icons like the Settings and Camera app don't appear anytime soon, otherwise we might be stuck with them.

While I understand that many people do in fact love the new icon designs in iOS 7, and while I also understand the "flatness" theme that underlies Apple's new design aesthetic, there's something to be said about really cool and creative icon designs that embrace a 3D perspective.

As a quick example, here's an icon for Pages which, according to Patently Apple, was recently registered as a trademark.


I'm not sure if I'm in the minority, but I still can't fathom how the icons below are even in the same ballpark as the Pages icon above.

Apple files trademark for newly designed FaceTime logo