Samsung ships its 55- and 65-inch 4K TVs to Korea on July 6th

If you're one of the lucky 100-plus Koreans who pre-ordered one of Samsung's F9000-series 4K TVs this June, you'll be glad to know that you're getting your reward very soon. The company has just announced that both the 55- and 65-inch F9000 sets should ship to Korea on July 6th. As before, the series is a more affordable yet functionally similar alternative to Samsung's 85-inch behemoth -- customers get the Ultra HD screen resolution and Evolution Kit support at relatively modest prices of 6.4 million won ($5,670) for the 55-inch TV and 8.9 million won ($7,913) for its 65-inch cousin. We're still twiddling our thumbs waiting for a launch on this side of the Pacific, but those who need something to tide themselves over can read Samsung's translated press release after the break.

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Samsung to start shipping 65.55 Type UHD TV

- 2 days, 65.55 model will start shipping UHD TV UHD TV popularized the opening times
- Can respond fully to the future have to apply the hugely popular Evolution Kit

(Seoul = News Wire ) July 4, 2013 - Samsung Electronics 65.55 from 2-type UHD TV 'F9000' start of the domestic shipping and UHD TV has announced the opening of the era.

January 85 of this year, the world's largest type size UHD TV '85S9 'release and to target marketing world VVIP been conducted Samsung 65 type, 55 type released in the wake of the popularity of UHD TV is moving ahead on.

Samsung UHD TV 'F9000' June 27, the building opened in Seocho Samsung Media Day event at the 'curve de OLED TV' with foreign media, IT professionals have received overwhelming interest from, conducted in June and selling one month sold in more than 100, including consideration was the choice of many consumers.

In particular, UHD broadcasts yet undetermined circumstances that have evolved from a standard TV that is a symbol of the 'Evolution kit' UHD broadcast standard is applied in future be determined to respond fully to the point that led consumers to buy.

'F9000' four times higher than a full HD TV picture quality as well as super-resolution, 4-step quality image processing technology, 'Quad detailed engine (Quad Detail Engine)' applied to the general class of UHD video also can enjoy a clearer picture.

In addition, a single cable can be connected to any other devices 'won-connect (One Connect)' to the back of the TV with your back clean tidy (Clean Back) to design and implement the perfect balance of function was completed.

Samsung Electronics, South Korea oversees the marketing team, managing director of choejinwon "future broadcasting standard UHD Evolution Kit that can respond perfectly to the Samsung UHD TV is applied to the customer's reaction is hot" and "F9000 domestic shipping of seven consecutive years, starting with the global TV market one of the best technology in the next generation of leaders UHD TV market will also continue to preempt, "he said.