Poll: Wearable tech not wildly popular with Americans

Google's testing the Glass; Apple's rumored to be developing an iWatch. Even Dell, which seems to be falling off of the consumer electronics map, is reportedly looking at wearable tech. And Sony just released the SmartWatch 2, the watch-like device with a color TFT display seen at right. However, these wearable computers might meet a tepid response in the market according to a recent telephone poll of Americans 18 or older conducted by IT staffing company Modis.

The survey found that only 34 percent of those making US$100,000 or more annually were interested in purchasing or wearing a smart watch or smart glasses. Oddly, for those who make much less -- $35,000 a year -- the percentage jumped to 47 percent. Furthermore, 45 percent of those with less education -- a high school diploma or less -- were excited by wearable tech, while only 37 percent of college grads expressed the same desire.

Apple watchers might find it interesting that more respondents -- 42 percent of all those polled -- expressed interest in a smart watch, while a slightly smaller group (39 percent) thought smart glasses were the way to go.

Modis Senior Vice President Matthew Ripaldi noted that most Americans have not had an opportunity to try either smart glasses or watches, and that such technology needs to be tested and seen by people so that they can create an informed impression of these devices.