Reuters: Machinima mulling Netflix-like streaming service

While Machinima lets you produce epics out of your gaming exploits (occasionally resulting in comedy gold), so far it's kept non-fanboy productions confined to YouTube. According to Reuters, that might change soon, as the company -- which just received $35 million in Google-backed funding -- is looking for another $80 million to start a subscription-based online video service. It has reportedly sought investment from the likes of Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures, who already produce content for Machinima's infamous YouTube channel and Xbox 360 app. Calling its typical user "crazy, engaged and ravenous," CEO Allen DeBevoise said it wants to "be a company in the spirit of HBO and AMC, but in an over-the-top (online) world." He added that it wants to license full-length, 44-minute fare (sans ads), to which it would retain foreign marketing rights. With 20.4 million viewers who stayed an average of 76 minutes last month, Machinima is already YouTube's 7th largest channel -- so, it's no surprise that it'd like to become the Netflix of gaming.