BlackBerry 10.2 resources suggest A10 smartphone may ship as the Z30

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Many rumors surrounding BlackBerry's first big smartphone, the Aristo, have only made references to an A10 model number. However, we're now learning that even the A10 badge may just be a codename. CrackBerry forum member ofutur has found references in pre-release BlackBerry 10.2 code that relabel the phone as the Z30, and CrackBerry editor Bla1ze has uncovered associated tutorial resources that tie images of the device back to the Z30. There's no guarantee that this is the final name, but it's consistent with BlackBerry's use of letters to signify form factors -- the touch-only Z30 could complement the Z10 while leaving room for in-between devices. Let's hope that the company doesn't leave us waiting long for an official answer.

BlackBerry 102 resources suggest A10 smartphone may ship as the Z30

BlackBerry 102 code suggests Aristo smartphone may ship as the Z30

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