First Canon 7D RAW video shown courtesy of Magic Lantern

If you've been lustfully eying the latest DSLR models, you want to give your trusty Canon 7D another look. The popular, but aging semi-pro model has been given the RAW video treatment from Magic Lantern, and the first samples have now been posted (after the break). Maximum resolution still falls short of the much newer 5D Mark III's full HD at 1,736 x 1,156, but otherwise, the images are improved in every way. The video has a full 14-bit color spectrum, for starters, is completely free of compression noise and has much less (though still some) moire and aliasing. So far, video can only be captured in 2 second bursts, but we saw similar limitations on early Magic Lantern builds for the 5D Mark III, as well -- meaning the 7D may finally live up to its beast-like video potential.