US Cellular's shared data plans: here are the pricing details

It'll probably come as no shock to those who've been keeping even a loose eye on trends in the carrier space, but US Cellular is about to usher in its own take on shared data. Family plans have quickly become the norm, with data taking precedence over text and voice, and USCC's take on things looks awfully familiar. In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find any real pricing differences here than what you'll find over on Verizon Wireless. For a point-by-point breakdown, head on past the break. %Gallery-195927%

  • Device connection charges are as follows: $40 per smartphone; $30 per featurephone; $10 per tablet; $20 per mobile hotspot; $20 per wireless device (USB modems, etc.)

  • All shared data plans include tethering, and non-business accounts will support up to 10 total devices per shared account (SMB accounts can support 25 if opting for 30GB+ per month).

  • The minimum shared data allotment is 1GB, with a recurring monthly fee of $50.

  • Other data options: 2GB for $60; 4GB for $70; 6GB for $80; 8GB for $90; 10GB for $100.

  • The maximum shared data allotment is 100GB, with a recurring monthly fee of $560.

  • Data overages for each shared data selection is $15 per 1GB over your chosen amount.

  • USCC is offering "Data Only Shared Data Plans," which includes unlimited messaging and tethering but no voice whatsoever. For these plans, pricing is as follows: 1GB for $10; 2GB for $20; 4GB for $30; 6GB for $40; 8GB for $50; 10GB for $60.

The carrier will also continue to offer limited phone minute plans for those who have simpler communication needs, while SMB plans will offer even more for small businesses who will be relying heavily on mobile networks. Feel free to peruse the gallery here for even more specifics, and stay tuned for a launch date -- we've yet to nail one down, but we're guessing it'll be rolled out to the public sooner rather than later.

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