Apple hires Nike FuelBand advisor Jay Blahnik

Apple reportedly hires Nike FuelBand guru Jay Blahnik

Apple clearly loves Nike when there's Nike+ support across many iPhones and iPods, but that affection appears to be growing even deeper. Both 9to5 Mac and AllThingsD report that fitness expert Jay Blahnik, who consulted with Nike during the FuelBand's development, joined Apple earlier this month. While the new hire hasn't outlined his role, it's easy to see him working on wrist-worn devices given Tim Cook's professed interest in the category. We've reached out to the company for more details, and we'll let you know if we learn more. Whatever Blahnik's exact duties, his career move suggests that fitness plays an important role in Apple's device roadmap -- fans may want to lace up their running shoes.

[Image credit: Nggcali12, Wikimedia Commons]