HTC's Butterfly s gets official Hello Kitty makeover

Last week, an HTC Butterfly s leaked out sporting Hello Kitty colors, and our Chinese sister site has now had a chance to play with one, in the fur. The celebrated feline's bow is now butterfly-shaped, of course, and it comes with kitty flight attendant and pilot figures wearing EVA Air uniforms, in honor of its Hello Kitty jets -- yes, that's a thing. Fortunately, the 5-inch device has plenty of room for all the stickers on the outside, and there are nine different wallpaper themes for the 1080p screen. HTC is marketing the device in the ubiquitous ladyphone category for China, but c'mon -- the Kitty's appeal transcends such pigeon-holing. It's now available for around $770 in Taiwan only, but you can catch more images at the gallery below.