8GB Nexus 4 is sold out at Google Play and it won't be coming back, new Nexus handset on the way?

If you were still holding out before committing funds for a Nexus 4, seems like you missed your chance at the 8GB version. The $200 handset has sold out at Google Play in the US and the folks in Mountain View tell The Verge that it's not coming back. Those still eyeing the device can splurge for the 16GB option, while 8GB phones remain available in other global locales until the current stock is depleted. This certainly begs the question: is a new Nexus device on the way? With the Nexus 4 quickly approaching the year-old mark in October and a new version of Android on the horizon, this could be a signal that the new Nexus is just around the bend. We've reached out to Google on the matter and we'll update here as soon as we hear back.