Smart TV Alliance now lets developers submit apps once for use on all supported TVs

The Smart TV Alliance wants apps that work across multiple platforms, but developers have so far had to submit those apps to each TV maker -- a process that can take ages. Things should speed up now that the Alliance has launched a Developer Support Program. From now on, software teams can send apps through a single approval system that qualifies a given release for use with every Alliance-compatible set. Developers can do more with those apps, too. The Alliance has posted a version 2.5 SDK that allows multi-screen integration with mobile apps, and it's promising a future 3.0 spec that includes support for both Ultra HD TVs and home automation. While there's no launch date for 3.0 at this stage, TV app creators will find both the Developer Support Program and SDK 2.5 at the source link.

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Smart TV Alliance introduces a Developer Support Program, an updated SDK, and 9 new members at IFA 2013, building on its mission to simplify the Smart TV application developer go-to-market process

BERLIN – IFA 2013 – Sep. 4, 2013 – Smart TV Alliance announced today the next step in its evolution with the launch of a Developer Support Program, enabling application developers to submit Smart TV applications to a single integrated QA process to port applications across Alliance compliant Smart TVs. The Alliance is also releasing a new software development kit (SDK 2.5) that will enable multi-screen application development and announcing nine new industry-leading manufacturers and solution providers who have joined the Alliance to further support cross-platform Smart TV applications and services.

Following its mandate to reduce the barriers to Smart TV application development and distribution, the Alliance has developed a pioneering Developer Support Program allowing application developers to submit an application for a single QA process for qualification across multiple Alliance compliant member devices, greatly simplifying and reducing the QA cycles that traditionally are needed for each individual manufacturer's QA process. Developers can focus more on creating quality content and less on the complexity associated with distributing applications to disparate Smart TV operating systems. Current developers who have successfully validated applications through this integrated program include Video à volonté, Transgaming and Kinoplex, with a number of additional application providers currently in the Joint QA process. Further information regarding the Joint QA process and the application QA submission process can be found on the developer website (

"Smart TV Alliance is thrilled to announce the availability of a Developer Support Program. The Alliance is focused on the need for a non-proprietary ecosystem for application developers to create compelling, platform-agnostic services across a large number of devices, and we believe a Developer Support Program is a critical step in this direction," said Seijiro Yasuki, President of Smart TV Alliance and Chief Technology Executive of Digital Products & Services Company, Toshiba.

The upcoming SDK 2.5 enables multi-screen interactivity between mobile applications and version 2.5 compliant Smart TVs from LG, TP Vision, Toshiba and Panasonic. The new SDK provides application developers with a brand-new method to offer highly engaging experiences from Smart TVs. The SDK 2.5 is being developed in a cooperation between Smart TV Alliance and Collabora, using best-in-class open source projects and engineering expertise to deliver the most advanced tooling and great community benefits. Smart TV Alliance will also be releasing Specification 3.0 that includes HTML5 updates, Ultra HD and support for Smart Home features. Developers can find these resources on a newly updated developer portal that offers step-by-step assistance for application development.

Since its launch in 2012 with the founding three members of LG Electronics, TP Vision and Toshiba, Smart TV Alliance has shown consistent growth and is now comprised of 19 members across a variety of ecosystem segments with the addition of new Sponsor members Vestel and Xumo, as well as members Warner Bros., Dolby, Opera Software, Realtek, Arcelik A.S., FPT Software and TPV Group. They join the founding members and current members Panasonic, ABOX42, IBM, Obigo, Qualcomm, Technisat and Yume to form a diverse and established base of Alliance contributors that continue to drive the evolution of the Smart TV ecosystem.