Blue Estate jumps from comic book pages to Leap Motion

Blue Estate is a first-person, on-rails shooter controlled with the player's hovering pointer finger, coming to PC via the Leap Motion Controller. The prologue is expected in the Leap Motion store "soon."

Players control Tony Luciano, a bumbling, sarcastic mob boss from the Blue Estate comic series published by Image. The game takes place in the comic's world, complete with violent gun fights, humor in questionable taste, crime and strippers. With Leap Motion, players point a finger at the screen, over the controller box, and hover over enemies to shoot. Other simple gestures, such as swiping that finger down, make Tony reload or take cover.

Blue Estate comes from HeSaw, a new indie studio based in France and composed of former Ubisoft and Darkworks employees, with series creator Viktor Kalvachev as creative director. At Gamescom, HeSaw told Joystiq that Blue Estate is in the vein of Quentin Tarantino or Guy Ritchie films, and it will eventually hit PlayStation 3's Move and Xbox 360 Kinect. There's no deal yet for next-gen systems.