Sprint early upgrade program in the works, promises to 'One Up' the competition

The Now Network is finally ready to join the early upgrade party, and plans to launch its own smartphone installment program later this month. According to CNET, Sprint One Up will launch on September 20th, giving consumers the option to split the cost of a new device into 24 monthly payments. Partaking in the program puts customers on a slightly discounted version of one of Sprint's new Unlimited, My Way or All-in plans -- a savings of up to $15. It's not a bad concession, considering the fact that a $649 device tacks an extra $27 on your monthly bill. A chart uncovered by CNET pits the program against Sprint's competitors, literally illustrating how the upgrade deal "One Ups" the competition. Cheesy, but effective marketing. Take a gander at the pricing table above, or see CNET's full report at the source link.

[Image Credit: Roger Cheng, CNET}