Engadget HD Podcast 369 - 10.02.13

CEDIA is a wrap, but Richard still has lots to recap about the show. Plus, he's got time to kill until Grand Theft Auto Online's connectivity issues get sorted. And Ben? Well, he's frustrated with his Fantasy Football picks, because they aren't operating at peak performance. Get to streaming this week's Engadget HD Podcast below.

Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh, Richard Lawler

Producer: Joe Pollicino

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00:16:23 - $35,000 Prima Cinema Player brings movies home as soon as they hit theaters
00:22:00 - Kaleidescape's digital store adds $2 Blu-ray-to-digital copy upgrades
00:24:49 - Intel may ditch OnCue IPTV service project if it can't find an investor
00:27:54 - Amazon Prime is the first subscription video service with an offline option, on Kindle HDX
00:30:23 - Target Ticket video-on-demand service exits closed beta, is now open for everyone
00:33:37 - Netflix's highest quality 'Super HD' 1080p video streams are available everywhere
00:36:34 - BBC explains why it took so long to add downloads to iPlayer for Android
00:40:08 - Microsoft officially pulls the plug on MSN TV
00:41:37 - Facebook to join Twitter in providing TV networks with user data
Twitter scores NFL deal to showcase Sunday's finest instant replay material
00:48:27 - Dish Hopper DVRs open up to home automation control, we wonder what's next
00:55:57 - Set up a 3rd-gen Apple TV with a tap from your iOS 7 device
00:55:57 - Apple TV gains Major League Soccer and Disney Junior channels
01:04:15 - LG's cheapest Ultra HDTV starts at $3,500, OLED TV drops to $10,000
01:04:15 - Sony's new 4K, HD projectors unveiled with prices all the way up to $28,000
01:07:33 - VLC update ushers in 4K readiness, improved MKV and audio support
01:09:25 - Must See HDTV (September 30th - October 6th)

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