Lenovo sells a record four devices per second as phone and tablet demand soars

In stark contrast to Dell, with its corporate upheavals and hygiene issues, Lenovo's business is still booming. The company sold a record 29 million devices last quarter and saw double-digit rises in revenue and profit -- a level of growth that almost makes it seem like it has stepped out of the stagnant PC market and into something illegal. What's actually happening, however, is healthy and continuing diversification: unit sales of smartphones and tablets overtook PCs back in the summer, and now, when combined with smart TVs, account for 15 percent of Lenovo's revenue -- versus eight percent a year ago and just four percent the year before that. With the company's regular PC trade also in good shape, snatching nearly an 18 percent slice of that traditional market, it's perhaps a shame that the company has reportedly been prevented from expanding even faster.