Middle Earth comes to life in epic Chrome experiment

We're go out on a limb here and say that the Venn diagram of Engadget fans and Tolkien fans looks something like this. So, we figure you'll probably want to hear about a brand new Chrome experiment that brings various parts of Middle Earth to life, including the Trollshaw and Dol Guldur. It starts with a pretty simple interactive map, but from there you're able to dive into several locations and learn about Hobbit lore through text, animations and audio. At the end of each lesson on Tolkien's fantasy world, you're challenged to complete a simple mini game that has you causing flowers to bloom or avoiding troll attacks. While the WebGL-powered games are pretty impressive, its the HTML5 audio and animations that are the real eye-candy here -- doubly so since they work just as well on a phone or tablet as they do your desktop. As you swipe through slides in the story, camera angles change in coordination with your finger and characters dart across bridges. Honestly, even if you're part of that tiny sliver in the diagram that can't stand Tolkien, it's worth checking out the latest Chrome Experiment, if only to remind yourself of the growing power of the web browser.