Alienware's X51 now ships with AMD's R9 270X graphics card (updated)

If Haswell innards weren't enough to incite a purchase of Alienware's X51 gaming PC, perhaps an extra choice of GPU could push you over the edge: Dell's little gaming-machine-that-can is now available with AMD's Radeon R9 270X. The card adds $100 to the base price of the Core i7 model, bringing the total to $1,200. In return, this configuration brings the chipset maker's Eyefinity tech into the fold for multi-monitor support or output to a 4K monitor, although you probably wouldn't want to attempt gaming on it beyond 1080p. While we're scraping together enough pennies for a true 12K gaming rig, we suppose this may just have to do.

Update: Apologies for the earlier error regarding this being a flagship card. The post has been corrected.