SugarSync sends its free cloud storage option out to pasture

Folks looking to squirrel away files in the cloud for free will no longer be able to look towards SugarSync. The outfit's gratis option has been retired, and existing users with freebie accounts will have until February 8th to access what they've stowed on the platform. TechCrunch reports that those who become paying customers can score discounts as hefty as 75 percent off in some instances. According to SugarSync CEO Mike Grossman, the change shores up the company's "solid financial position" and allows it to build out its service. "It's a necessary part of our evolution," the company's VP of Marketing Alan d'Escragnolle told Engadget. "This move will allow us to grow, expand and increase offerings that will help our users for work or play."

The entry-level tier now starts at $7.49 per month (or $74.99 a year) for 60GB of space. If you'd still like to sample the cloud backup and syncing, you can try each plan with a free 30-day trial, or claim 5GB of storage at no cost for 90 days. Head to the second source link to peruse the pricing levels and sign up for a trial.