Grippity returns as a transparent Android tablet with two-sided touch (video)

When we last saw Grippity, it wasn't much more than a pretty media center keyboard. Well, it just grew up -- its creators have revived the concept as a full-fledged, crowdfunded Android tablet. The new design still centers on a transparent, dual-sided touch surface, but there's now more to do than type. The PS Vita-style back control lets users tap interface elements without obscuring the screen, and it opens the door to more complex multi-touch gestures. The infrared remote control and thumbpads have also returned from Grippity's previous incarnation. If you're intrigued, you can pledge $235 ($159 for a few early birds) to Grippity's Kickstarter campaign to reserve a tablet for yourself; provided the team reaches its funding goal, you should have the device in your hands by October.