Netflix is testing multiple new subscription plans, like 3 streams for $9.99

Updated ·1 min read

Netflix likes to run small tests of features and packages before it offers them widely (like its new unified UI), and that includes the "1 SD stream for $6.99" some have started seeing recently. Another offer currently in testing covers the hole between the standard $7.99/month offer that provides up to two simultaneous streams on one account and the $11.99 offer that goes up to 4 at once. Just like the 1 stream offer not everyone will see it and there's no way to know if it will ever become widely available, but a few will see a $9.99 option that provides 3 simultaneous streams.

Netflix has declined to push cable TV-style tiers and pricing packages, but the multiple tests seem to show how it's trying to find the sweet spot with what it offers. We also checked on a widely-reported reported list of movies that may leave streaming January 1st, but Netflix could not confirm which titles will actually go away, referring to the constant ebb and flow of titles on Watch Instantly. We'll be interested in seeing what's still available after the ball drops and what new options arrive (seasons 5 - 8 of Dexter and Jack Reacher are incoming, and original content like S2 of House of Cards isn't far off) but if you really need to watch Half Baked this wouldn't be a bad time to press play.