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Mozilla devs working on Firefox for OUYA

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Sure the OUYA may have captured the imagination of indie game developers everywhere, but open-source fans will be glad to know it's sparked the interest of Mozilla's Firefox team as well. According to an OUYAForum post by administrator Ed Krassenstein, a Mozilla developer had sent him a note detailing the process of bringing the popular browser to the Kickstarter-funded gaming console. The team apparently managed to get it running after some preliminary patches, but it still has a ways to go -- WebGL, Canvas and relevant API support still needs polish. The dev in question has since been identified as mobile platform engineer Chris Lord, who tweeted the revealing picture above along with the note that it's "kinda unusable" for now. Still, they do have around three months before the console ships, which could be enough for them to perfect an OUYA version of the foxy browser just in time for launch day.

[Image credit: Chris Lord, Twitter]

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