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NYT: ABC crafting live streaming app for tablets, phones


According to unidentified sources speaking with The New York Times' media desk, ABC is currently working on a mobile application to bring its broadcast programming to mobiles and tablets. Unlike CBS' offering, which offers a select choice of programs 24 hours after airing on broadcast TV via its mobile app, ABC's is said to sync up with existing cable and satellite providers to provide live TV on-the-go -- a first in the television industry. Beyond just offering cable and satellite customers a way to extend their viewing options, the app is said to potentially extend the reach of ABC's ad network at a crucial moment when traditional broadcast network ad revenues are being threatened by other mediums taking a piece of the pie.

It seems that ABC's parent, the Walt Disney Company, is looking to forge its own digital path when it comes to TV, rather than waiting for its multi-company partnership with Hulu to right itself. Disney and its several partners are said to be in talks to buy each other out; meanwhile, Hulu is left without captain at the helm.

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