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Oppo N-Lens render leaks out, looks more smartphone than camera


There's no evidence yet that the budding camera / smartphone hybrid category's going to blossom into a winner, but that's not stopping new entrants from hopping on the bandwagon. We've heard that Oppo is about to jump into the fray with the N-Lens series, and a leaked render shows what it may look like. If real, it packs a slightly protruding zoom lens with a flash positioned to the side and a 12-megapixel sensor, according to the close-up image (after the break). Though supposedly inspired by the Galaxy Camera, it also reveals a decidedly more smartphone-esque form factor than Samsung's model. Until more specs and info arrive through official channels, though, you'd best assume the render is a figment of someone's imagination.

Oppo NLens cameracentric smartphone render leaks out

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