Oppo confirms new N-Lens series to challenge Samsung's Galaxy Camera

We were a bit skeptical when Android Authority claimed earlier this month that Oppo's developing a camera-centric device, but as it turns out, this is really happening! Today, a company representative confirmed to us the name of Oppo's new product line: N-Lens. The focus here will obviously be on photography, and it'll apparently be the "most important flagship series for Oppo going forward." Luckily, the cellular part is here to stay, so these N-Lens cameras -- likely powered by Android -- will be connected; but we're not sure whether you can also make phone calls with them.

No further details were provided (especially not a release date), but Android Authority's scoop already gives a rough idea on what to expect: a high-resolution camera with great low-light performance. You can also just about see the above slide referring to the "Samsung Galaxy Camera" (which has since been superseded by the Galaxy S4 Zoom), so Oppo seems keen to ride on this wave started by the Korean giant. If you want, it's a bit like how the Chinese company spotted the upward trend in local girls taking selfies early on, which led to the Ulike 2 with its 5-megapixel front-facing camera. But of course, with the arrival of Nokia's Lumia 1020, it's not going to be an easy fight.