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Apple must pay $3 million in damages for iPod dispute in Japan


The fact that Apple is on the receiving end of more lawsuits than any other company in tech is hardly surprising. In contrast, the fact that patent disputes pertaining to the iPod are still being litigated is somewhat surprising.

Kyodo News is reporting that Apple recently found itself on the losing end of a US$3 million judgment for patent infringement. Specifically, the Tokyo District Court found that the click wheel on Apple's now iconic iPod infringes upon patents owned by a man named Norihiko Saito.

Engadget adds:

Saito's damages come more than five years after he filed the patent lawsuit, during which time he demanded damages of ¥10 billion ($101 million), based partly on the number of iPods Apple had sold during that period. Fortunately for Apple, the final figure was substantially less than Saito's demand and it'll only have to sell a few more iPhones to cover the cost.

The judgment comes after a few rounds of settlement negotiations between Saito and Apple fell through.

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