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Ofcom considers quadrupling mobile operator license fees (updated)


It currently costs the big four of EE, Vodafone , O2 and Three UK £64.5 million a year in licensing fees to do business in the UK, but Ofcom is currently weighing-up plans to quadruple those charges. After calculating the value of the spectrum based on the bids received in the 4G auction, the regulator wants to increase Vodafone and O2's annual rent to £83.1 million, Three UK to £37.5 million and EE to a whopping £101.7 million. Of course, the plans are currently in the consultation stage, which'll run through to December 19th, but we hope that someone points out the likelihood of the cost being passed down to users.

Update: Ofcom has gotten in touch to add that the new tariffs were calculated in proportion to the payments received for the 4G spectrum auction.

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