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Apple gives trio of apps iOS 7 makeovers, Podcasts nabs background downloads


iOS 7 has a slew of new features, but perhaps its most convenient is that it allows applications to pull data from the cloud in the background -- and now one of Apple's most derided apps is getting some of that love. In its latest incarnation, the Podcasts app can grab new episodes of your favorite talk shows automatically, and there's a setting governing how often it checks for new episodes, so your data cap and battery should be safe. Among other tweaks to the app, iCloud will now sync play positions, stations and subscriptions with iTunes and Apple TV. What's more, Cupertino has made cosmetic changes to Podcasts as well as Find My iPhone and iTunes Trailers that match its redesigned mobile OS. If you want a glimpse of how this trio looks in flatter duds, check out the source links below.

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