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Engadget Eurocast 040 - 10.24.13

Jon Turi, @jonturi

This week's Eurocast is all about the numbers. Nokia's 1520, 2520, 1320 and 1520. Phew! Our host Daniel Cooper feels they've gone in the wrong direction with all those digits, but its new pal and partner Microsoft, on the other hand, chose to keep it simple, dropping the RT and going with the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro. Our guest Matt Brian joins the podcast to keep Dan from going on a Kinder Egg tangent and to give us his secrets on upgrading to the latest Apple products without losing his shirt. All this and more waits down below in our latest edition of the Engadget Eurocast. Go on, you've earned it.

Hosts: Dan Cooper, Matt Brian

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the Podcast:

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