LaCie Fuel brings 1TB of wireless streaming storage to your Apple devices for $199

We're quite familiar with LaCie's reputation for stellar storage devices, and here at CES 2014, the outfit is expanding its territory. The company has just outed Fuel: a 1TB portable repository for that media library, offering wireless streaming to your Apple arsenal. With no internet connection required, Fuel acts as a WiFi hotspot for on-the-go streaming to iPad, iPhone and Mac (up to five devices or three HD streams at once) while claiming 10 hours of battery life. The peripheral is accessed just like an external drive and -- as you might expect -- allows file transfers sans cords with Dropbox integration in tow. For times when a cable is absolutely necessary, there's a USB 3.0 port for handling those tasks. Streaming stored media on those mobile devices is sorted via the Seagate Media app and the unit plays nice with AirPlay-compatible devices and Apple TV. In a spot with connectivity? Fuel will allow you to share it with that handful of gadgets as well. If all of that sounds too good to pass up, you can snag one when they hit shelves "soon" for 200 bucks.

Michael Gorman contributed to this report.