3D print yourself in chocolate and full-color sugar candy with the ChefJet Pro

Be honest: This is the moment you've been waiting for -- at least since 3D Systems picked up Sugar Lab a few months back and quite probably even longer. It's the chance to print yourself and the ones you love in edible, sugary form. In among a slew of notable new printers unveiled by the company this week, CEO Avi Reichental took to our stage to announce two systems capable of printing in sugar and chocolate. The company landed on ChefJet for the name of the models, and it certainly seems to do the trick, borrowing the suffix from its ProJet line of industrial printers, while making it pretty clear who the target audience is here: bakers, chefs, hotels and the like. And honestly, if this thing isn't all over The Food Network by the end of the year, we'll eat our hat (printed in chocolate or sugar -- take your pick).

The plain, old ChefJet is the smaller of the two, naturally, described by the company as a "countertop" device. The system prints in sugar, chocolate and flavored confection (you pick the flavor) in pretty much any design you can 3D print, including, but not limited to, old standbys like cake toppers and centerpieces. If that's the only thing that's been holding you back from that Star Trek-themed wedding, let us be the first to say "Live long and Mazel Tov." And seeing as how the target audience here is likely not among the most tech savvy, the company's created special "Digital Cookbook" software to make designing and printing a bit easier for the uninitiated. As its name implies, the ChefJet Pro takes things a bit further, with larger build volume and the ability to create sugar prints in full-color.

The ChefJets are set to launch at some point toward the end of the year. Not a ton more specifics at the moment, but believe us, we've got as many questions as you do. Thankfully, we've also got the company's CEO on our CES stage as you read this. We'll let you know how the prints taste, for starters.