Engadget Eurocast 052 - 1.24.14

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Whether you own a Hudl tablet or not, if you're anything like Dan and Sharif, you're keeping it real and doing your shopping at Tesco's. Jamie, always the rebel, actually prefers the overpriced petrol station one on his corner. Amidst the other topics under discussion this week, one question stands out: Got wood? If you're a Moto X fan in the UK, the answer will most certainly be no -- at least not on your phone anytime soon. The team is lively, refreshed and in good form, so do yourself a favor and take a listen to this week's episode the Engadget Eurocast.

Hosts: Dan Cooper, Jamie Rigg, Sharif Sakr

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the Podcast:

05:07 - Tesco says 400,000 people have already picked up a Hudl tablet with their groceries
14:22 - Motorola's Moto X is coming to the UK, France and Germany on February 1st for £380
24:05 - UK carrier finds loophole to let it increase prices mid-contract
31:08 - In a bid to regain trust, Microsoft okays storage of foreign users' data overseas
36:57 - Netflix ends 2013 with 44 million subscribers, will keep experimenting with pricing

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