This liquid can make any glove touchscreen-friendly

It hasn't been all that easy to make your own touchscreen-friendly gloves short of grabbing a needle and some conductive thread. With Tony Yu's upcoming Nanotips, however, it could be as simple as applying touch-up paint. The conductive liquid gives any pair of gloves (and many other surfaces) the same capacitive effect as your own fingers, letting you use your phone no matter what style of handwear you prefer -- you can check email while you're still dressed for a motorcycle ride. If you're intrigued by the idea, you can pledge $22 Canadian ($20 US) to get a bottle of Nanotips Black, which is intended for rubber and other thicker materials. Outside of early bird specials, it costs $30 CAD ($27 US) to get the fabric-oriented Nanotips Blue. Both formulas should reach backers between February and March.