Xbox One is getting a biographical show about Nas, of course

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Xbox One is getting a biographical show about Nas, of course

Naturally -- between a Halo project involving Steven Spielberg, a documentary on the terrible E.T. video game for Atari 2600 and a series on street soccer -- the next project from Xbox Entertainment Studios is a show based on hip-hop artist Nas' youth. Deadline reports that "a half-hour series project loosely based on his life as a hip-hop artist in the 1990s" is on the way, titled "Street Dreams." Presumably it heavily features him having dreams of being a gangster, drinking Moet and holding Tecs, making sure the cash came correct? Kind of! It's said to dig into his past growing up in the Queensbridge Projects, and Nas himself is signed on to handle music and assist with writing (the formal writing and directing duty is handled by fellow New Yorker Jonathan Levine).

It's unclear when this project is planned for, nor do we have much insight into the grander plans of Nancy Tellem and co. at Xbox Entertainment Studios. The ol' cable box plugged into the Xbox One will have to suffice for now.

(Photo by Omar Vega/Invision for Hennessy/AP Images)

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