Netflix mocks Amazon Prime Air with hilarious 'Drone 2 Home' video

Netflix's not-Qwikster DVD-by-mail business doesn't get the same amount of attention as the company's streaming arm, but as this video (embedded after the break) shows, it still has some imagination. Dug up by Hacking Netflix, the Drone 2 Home demo video imagines Netflix's famous red envelopes being delivered by quadcopter -- wherever you may be (camping, in the office, in the bathroom -- wherever). Posted by a couple of employees, it was apparently produced for the DVD division's annual meeting. We're still not sure if Jeff Bezos' holiday-timed Amazon Prime Air drone-delivery reveal was anything more than a publicity stunt, but GM Hank Breeggemann's tongue is firmly in cheek as he announces Netflix's "return to our creative roots." Of course, there are some drawbacks to spending "literally days" working out the bugs -- but you'll have to watch to find out.