Prepare yourself: Facebook video ads are headed your way soon

Get ready: video ads are set to become a permanent fixture in your Facebook feed by late April or early May. The social network has been testing 15-second spots since December and, after a few delays, officially started offering them as an option to select advertisers today. Both mobile and desktop ads will autoplay in your feed, but won't have audio unless you click on them (so you won't have to worry about disturbing your cubemate when you're Facebook stalking your ex). On mobile, those ads will download only when you're connected to Wi-Fi, so they won't gobble up all your mobile data, but you'll still see them when you're on the move. There's no way to opt out of seeing the ads. Though, legend tells of a magical browser extension that can "block" all ads online (not that we'd ever endorse such a thing). Our quick solution? Treat them like the million baby pics your college roommate posts and scroll by as fast as possible.

[Image courtesy Flickr/mkhmarketing]